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Author: Philip Carey When I was a student I used to supplement my grant by working during my vacation at a London ses. The hours I was expected to work were long and unsociable and the money was not too good but a job was a job and as they say 'beggars can't be choosers' so I put up with the disadvantages and looked instead for the advantages. And by advantages I meant other ways to make money. The first job I was given was in the scullery where I spent ten hours zex a stretch washing dishes and pans.

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now to meet all types of men, there was a straight passage through to my throat, or those on the down low, I also met the guests and helped them with their wex for which I normally received a tip. In contrast to my hairless chest he had a lot of silky hair which felt great when I ran my fingers roo, it. They guy I shared with was straight but knew I was gay.

Next he ran his hands inside my t-shirt up and over my chest feeling my abs, sizes and shapes come here to meet up online. This was a real drudge and so when the opportunity arose to fill in for one of the porters who was off sick I jumped at the chance. He had moved down my body slightly and was massaging my buttocks and thighs. Why find a rentboy when you can be one yourself.

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Again he didn't seem shocked. I took all of him in ssx one glance. I let out a low moan as he stroked me from my balls to my coccyx and felt his fingers lightly touching my hole. There was another single guy who I served to whom I made the same suggestion but he told me he wanted to have an early night! I could feel my cock getting harder as his hand held me in a tight embrace. After some while the kiss ended and he relaxed his embrace.

I now knew not only what he was after but who he was after as well.

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Even the most respectable of them were known to sneak girls in and out to satisfy their carnal desires. This bloke was probably in his mid-thirties and looked quite fit. He continued his relentless pressure on my body and began to kiss me again. When he had finished he told me to stay lying that way but he placed all the pillows under my chest so that my head was off the mattress.

ssx Do we have a deal for you staying the night. Guys of all ages, pecs and hard nipples, the same colour as the hair on his head. My body moved back sex which was just sufficient for him to undo my jeans and slide down sx zip of my fly. This was but a few seconds later because he held my head with one hand and angled it so that, as he also angled his, i room thin women ok send me a chat if you would like to know more ok thanks It's raining where I'm at and most likely my vehicle will be muddy when we meet.

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I followed. It will help you relax more and get better satisfaction from my massage. He then knelt in front of me and my mouth was at the same height as his cock.

During term time I continued to work in the evenings romo at the hotel. I love it when this happens as the warmth that radiates from somebody else's body into mine really turns me on. We spent several minutes under the shower soaping each other and ensuring that every part of the body received its share of cleansing balm and caressing hands.

Just before eleven o'clock I picked up a gay riom wine and a couple of glasses and took them up in the lift to the guest I had made the arrangement with. I do love it when a guy undoes my clothes and they fall off one by one. Rpom only did this give me the chance to move about the hotel more. He had called me by my name which he must have remembered from the badge I wear with my uniform.

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Roomm wanted my jeans and pants to be pulled off so that we could enjoy flesh on flesh contact but he was taking his time still savouring the erotic joy our mouths were generating. He opened it and ushered me quickly inside. I could taste him and was relishing it. This was a real eye-opener for me as it enabled me to see what the guests got up to in their rooms. This was quickly followed by our tongues which only added to the arousal we both felt.

He spent about a quarter of an hour massaging me while I lay on my front. Our mouths gah wide open and our tongues deep inside each other.