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TouchResponse for Windows MobileTouchResponse for Windows Mobile / TouchResponse SettingsTouchResponse is a free Windows Mobile application that acts as a link between the touch screen and the phone vibrate function. It can be called a touch response driver also because this is one and only it's function.

Having the HTC Touch Diamond for a while, the lack of feedback when touching the screen eighter by hand or with the stylus did not feel just right. After installing the TouchResponse app on the HTC Touch Diamond things improved a lot. The application can be downloaded on the next page of this article and after installing it on your phone you will be asked to soft reset your device so the new settings can take effect.

After the phone turns on, just go to the Settings tab and under System you will find the icon for "Touch Response Settings". Enabling the app and configuring the duration of the touch response vibration to your liking will give you a more personal feel of your touch scree windows mobile device.

TouchResponse has advanced settings allowing the program not to vibrate during phone calls and while the phone is put on silent.


nueStorageManager - Storage Manager for Windows MobilenueStorageManager - Storage Manager for Windows MobilenueStorageManager is a control panel applet that lets you control and fine tune storage on your device. It enables you to format, defragment and scan storage on your device, as well as mount and unmount devices. 

The good thing about neuStorage Manager is that it is a free application created by the application developer neuROM.
Having experience with quite a few applications, tools and tweaks for Windows Mobile, neuROM has provided WM users with another high quality, but free storage manager unlocking a few more possibilities for your Windows Mobile device.

After installing neuStorage Manager on your WM devices, you can find it in Start -> Settings -> System -> Storage properties as show on the screen shot.

Warning: Formatting partitions will cause you to lose all device on that partition. Windows CE will prevent you from modifying operating system partitions (IMGFS, XIP) from this tool, but you can still manipulate the FAT32 storage partition with the tool.


Nimbuzz for Windows MobileNimbuzz  for Windows MobileNimbuzz  for Windows Mobile offers the most comprehensive social interaction service combining Instant Messaging, presence, and VoIP.

The free application is available on the mobile, PC and web, for instant messaging, location sharing, (group)calling, and file sharing across popular communities, including Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, AIM, GaduGadu, Jabber and Twitter, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and MySpace.

Nimbuzz is free to download and use. Nimbuzz Mobile for Windows Mobile uses the internet connection on your mobile phone and provider charges may apply. If you are not using Wifi, we recommed that you get a flat rate (unlimited) data plan from your provider. Further provider charges might also apply depending on the call feature used.

Nimbuzz for Windows Mobile is available for download via a simple mobile website from where you must choose your phone brand and the model. After that you will be able to download the messenger on your phone.


Remote Touch - Control Your PC from your WM deviceRemote Touch - Control Your PC from your WM deviceThere seems to be quite a buzz about applications allowing you to control certain functions on your PC from your Windows Mobile device, like Media Remote for Windows Mobile allowing you to control Winamp from your phone. Well this app is something not so different but seems to be able to do more than that.

As first, Remote Touch works on Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 5. To use Remote Touch you will need a WM powered device, Wi-Fi or a good internet connection and of course your PC.

Once you configure the application you will be able to manage things on your PC like you are just sitting on your desk with the mouse and keyboard in front of you.

Being a man who travels a lot and sometimes I go only caring my HTC Touch Diamond with me, I found Remote Touch to be the perfect choice to access my home PC wherever I go. Even when I am home just sitting in my bed to lazy to change a song, I use it with great ease and confort. Well what can I say I am lazy.


PocketRAR - Powerful RAR / ZIP tool for Windows MobilePocketRAR - Powerful RAR / ZIP tool for Windows MobileYesterday I got an RAR attachment to an email on my HTC Touch Diamond and I was out of the office. When I tried opening this very common file type I noticed that I could not. The same thing was with the ZIP files in other emails I received.

So I started looking for the one piece of software I had on my PC and almost used it daily by default. The lack of native support for RAR/ZIP files under Windows Mobile 6.1 or at least one of them surprised me very much.

My search led me to PockerRAR, a free RAR/ZIP tool that works on all versions of Windows Mobile so that it does not matter if you have WM5 or WM6 or the 6.1. It can be downloaded for free from RARLAB's website where you can find versions for Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux and other operating systems.

PockerRAR is very easy to use and it has support for both RAR and ZIP files. The other thing is that not only you can open RAR/ZIP archives but also you can archive files and send them as attachment in your emails.


Windows Mobile on iPhone 3GHow about this, Windows Mobile on iPhone 3G? Well this is possible the Norwegian developer Erik Kristiansen blames the long winter for developing this application. Cool kid really and amazing work. Although the boot camp application enabling you to run both iPhone and Windows Mobile on your iPhone is in Beta version he plans to release this application officially in January 2009 as open source.

Enabling users to run Windows Mobile on iPhone hardware is maybe the first step to releasing the bond between hardware and mobile operating systems. Imagine the freedom of buying an HTC Touch Diamond and puting an iPhone OS on it or BlackBerry touch device with Windows Mobile on it.


Media Remote for Windows MobileMedia Remote for Windows Mobile is one cool application that works perfect for people who are lazy enough and want to control the Winamp playlist/playback from their WM mobile phones. When I first found out about this application I was feeling like I hit the jackpot. Although I listen to my music on my laptop, having it connected to my Logitech Z5500 speakers made it like a desktop PC. The portability was lost, and now with Media Remote I was able to sit in my bed and change songs from my HTC Touch Diamond.  Take a look at this video showing the main features of Media Remote for Windows Mobile:

Media Remote for Windows Mobile in action

Here is the description of the program given by the developer Predrag Tomasevic: "Media Remote is software that enables you to remotely control media (MP3/Video) playback on your computer. It is created to enforce laziness - using Media Remote on your Smartphone it is possible to change song that is playing on computer from comfort of your bed. Also it can be handy if you are living in duplex home and have speakers all around house (I envy you) and want to showoff. Remote control of video playback is one additional useful functionality that comes to mind."


Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade Deadline set by HTCOctober 31st is the last day to take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows Mobile® 6. The upgrade link will be removed from HTC’s website at 12:00 pm (noon) GMT on October 31st.

Removal of this free upgrade may affect users of the following devices: HTC S621, HTC S620, HTC P4350, HTC P3300, HTC Advantage. If you haven’t upgraded yet and your device has a Windows Mobile® version lower than 6, please take advantage of this offer before it expires. To check the version on your device go to Start > Settings > System tab > About.


Available Windows Mobile 6.1 upgradesEverybody seems to be rushing to upgrade their devices to Windows Mobile 6.1, but are there any available upgrades for your device and even your carrier. Looking for some kind of a list with all the available Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades and for which devices the upgrades are available, I came across Jason Langridge's weblog.

On his blog dedicated to the enterprise side of Windows Mobile you can find an updated list of all devices for which Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades are released and available.


Handango giving away apps for free - almost free!Handango one of the best premium software providers on the net are giving away Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone apps for free, well almost free. The One Penny promotion means that you get premium Windows Mobile applications and software for just one penny. To visit Handango's promotion follow the link available on the next page.


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