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Stay Unlock for Windows MobileStay Unlock for Windows MobileIf for some particular reason you need to keep your phone unlocked, or you are disturbed by the automatic phone locking of your Windows Mobile device, Stay Unlock is a simple and quite useful solution for you. What the program basically does is removing the time outs set for auto locking your phone.

Stay Unlock runs in silent mode, and will never prompt. A log file is created instead if you want to inspect it. Stay Unlock will also allow override of time out value enforced by Exchange Server. This will address situation whereby users wants the device lock function but prefer a longer time out threshold value than what’s defined by their IT admin.

Stay Unlock will also default the timeout to 24 hours, when you set “Always Stay Unlock. There are technical and security reasons behind this implementation, instead of completely disabling device lock function.
However, you can still turn off device lock by going to Settings > Personal > Lock, and turn off the checkbox “Prompt if unused for”. Stay Unlock is not responsible for your action to unsecure your device!


SensorScroll for HTC Touch Diamond / ProSensorScroll is a Windows Mobile application for HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro. It uses the touch sensor control for various actions like scrolling, emulating key press and so on, while the user uses the control. It is in beta stage, please use carefully. All bug reports, fresh ideas and recommendations are welcome. Please visit the developer web site. In our few days playing with this program on our HTC Touch Diamond we liked what we have seen so far, SensorScroll works good and it really is something that is going to stay on the phone.


CleanRAM for Windows MobileCleanRAM for Windows Mobile

CleanRAM for Windows Mobile is a must have application on your mobile phone, a one really useful that will make your life as a Windows Mobile user way easier that you may think. What CleanRAM does it is quite simple, it cleans the RAM memory of your device without soft resetting it. If you are using a TouchFLO device as the HTC Touch Diamond or the Touch Pro you have noticed that memory usage sometimes is unreasonably high while the device is idle and sometimes you need that free memory to do what you want. But without soft resetting the device it seems that you were not able to get it back. This is where CleanRAM comes in place and saves you a lot of time and nerves.


Wizi - Instant location sharing for Windows MobileWizi - Instant location sharing for Windows Mobile

Wizi is a free instant location sharing service for Windows Mobile devices. Wizi for Windows Mobile enables you to view your location on Google Maps and share it with your friends using SMS or E-Mail messages. You can not only use Wizi to tell your friends where you are, but to arrange where you should meet. This kind of free location sharing application is great and I must say I am very excited to find souch service and wow, what can I say it is free.

Wizi installed on your Windows Mobile phone, like the HTC Touch Diamond is perfect when you roam the streets of a city you have never been in. From personal experience I know that whenever me and my friends go somewhere rather then our hometown everybody gets lost somehow or we get separated. With Wizi this is not a issue at all. So after testing the application for a few days, I must say it is a must have on every GPS enabled Windows Mobile phone.


Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile is availableFennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile is availableJust in case you have not heared or read somewhere else we remind you that Mozilla Fennec the mobile brother of the most loved open source browser Firefox is available for download in its Alpha 1 version. Here is what they say on one of Mozilla's blogs:

"We are pleased to announce that Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile 6 is available for download by developers and testers. This is an early developer release intended for testing purposes only. We would like to invite interested Windows Mobile developers and users to join with Mozilla’s developer and user community to help develop, test and refine the product."

Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile is currently available only for Windows Mobile 6 devices, but support for older WM versions will be added as the product is officially released.


HTC Touch HD ROM updateHTC has released a firmware ROM update for the HTC Touch HD available for the European Touch HD users. Here is a quick list of what the new firmware update brings to your Touch HD Windows Mobile phone:
  • Updated the Connection Setup Database.
  • Improved emergency call connections while using Airplane Mode.
  • The GPS position updating speed has been enhanced.
  • A Title bar display flicker in TouchFLO 3D has been corrected.
  • Fixed multiple browsing issues.
We hope HTC will release this ROM update for the Touch HD for the US customers soon enough.


Slide to answer/ignore on the new HTC Touch Diamond ROMSlide to answer/ignore on the new HTC Touch Diamond ROM

Last month HTC released an generic ROM update for the HTC Touch Diamond. Except for the listed improvements such as camera fixes, sound and MMS patches for known problems, nowhere else on the site they have listed a very good feature that we personally liked a lot. They have changed the incoming call screen a bit and introduced the "Slide to answer/ignore" with the new HTC Touch Diamond ROM update.


Advanced profile management with G-ProfileAdvanced profile management with G-ProfileG-Profile is a advanced profile manager for Windows Mobile that allows you to manage the state of your WM powered mobile phone. G-Profile for Windows Mobile is a free profile manager, available for free download and we must say that this is one of the few WM freeware apps that we have seen and we can say that they are light years ahead of their commercial rivals. So what exactly is the big deal with G-Profile for Windows Mobile. Well it is powerful, has a lot of options, you can define profiles with settings for almost all things on your phone and you can have as many of this profiles as you like. Did I mention it was free?

To help you better understand what G-Profile for Windows Mobile does read how the developer describes it: "With G-Profile you can define unlimited profiles which manage the state of your device (e.g volume, ringtones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, phone radio, 3G, ...). You can set wether a profile should be only activated manually, at a certain time, when an appointment in your Pocket Outlook calendar occurs, when you connect your device to AC power / a headset / a handsfree or via ActiveSync (Windows Mobile device center) to a computer, when a specified program is launched or you your phone is connected to a specific cell tower."

Sounds interesting, keep on reading...


Get the Diamond 2 keyboard on your HTC Touch DiamondThe Diamond 2 keyboard on the HTC Touch Diamond

As we wrote previously this month there are a few software CABs from the Diamond 2 ported for the Touch Diamond. Since I am using the HTC Touch Diamond a lot for browsing and writing emails, I am finding the on screen keyboard a bit... how to say smallish. Typing long emails on the Touch Diamond is kind of ... not the right thing. Since the release of the mentioned software which we kindly invite you at least to look at if not install, I was curious about the efficiency of the new Diamond 2 keyboard and if this will solve my problem. As you can see from the picture above on the left we have the new Diamond 2 keyboard installed on the HTC Touch Diamond and on the right we have the keyboard that was installed on our phone by default. Not only the buttons are bigger but it is way easier to use then the previous one.


Get the Diamond 2 software for your HTC Touch DiamondIf you own a HTC Touch Diamond and you wan to get the software that will be released with the new Touch Diamond 2 phone, some of the CABs have been ported to VGA resolution so that can be installed on your HTC Touch Diamond. Here is the list of the CAB software packages ported from the Diamond 2 to the HTC Touch Diamond ready to install and use only for your pleasure:
  • HTC Calculator 1.0.1822.4128
  • HTC Album 2.5.1820.4127 w/ Social Networking
  • Opera v9.5 build 15613
  • Diamond2 Sensor with apps regedit
  • Diamond 2 QuickGPS 1.0.1911.1733
  • Diamond 2 Keyboard With Arrows
  • Diamond 2 Keyboard Without Arrows
  • Diamond 2 Keyboard With Arrows in Landscape Only
  • Diamond 2 Email Wizard
  • Diamond 2 Volume Control 2.1.1911.2331
We have tested some of this CABs on our Touch Diamond and we must say we are impressed by what we have seen. For download info please continue reading this post on the next page.


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