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Skype Mobile 2.5 released for Windows MobileSkype Mobile 2.5 for Windows Mobile on HTC Touch DiamondSkype Mobile for Window Mobile devices has been released officially and I must say it was time to exit the beta period. The new Skype Mobile 2.5 is a really useful Skype Mobile applications and you will be able to use the full extend of the Skype features on your mobile phone.

On of the most important updates that I personally liked the most is the improved sound quality when using Skype over Wi-Fi networks. This was the main reason why I used Fring on my HTC Touch Diamond for a long time. The other improvements include:
  • Superior sound quality – better than your regular phone.
  • Works with all firewall, NAT and routers – nothing to configure!
  • Friends list shows you when your Skype friends are online and ready to talk or chat.
  • Super-simple and easy to use.
  • Your calls are encrypted “end-to-end” for superior privacy.
So all in all Skype Mobile 2.5 is a must have on your Windows Mobile phone.


Google Mobile Apps for Windows MobileGoogle Mobile Apps for Windows MobileGoogle have released a version of the popular Google Mobile Apps for Windows Mobile phones. Beeing a Windows Mobile user myself, I found opening the browser for every Google search I needed kind a frustrating. The Google Mobile Apps for Windows Mobile puts a Google search shortcut and other cutomizable Google service shortcuts on your today screen.

I have not tried this application on other Windows Mobile phones except for the HTC Touch Diamond but Google Mobile Apps were not much of a use. When I tap in to the search box in order to write something, I was not able to do it because I have no keyboard on the Diamond and the keyboard icon does not appear as you can see on the picture on the right.  The other thing is if you have the TouchFlo 3D activated on the today screen, you will not be able to see the Google Mobile Apps addon on your home screen. Well for me this makes this application a bit useless. Just the fact that the TouchFlo 3D Internet -> Launch Browser gives me the Google Search box, although not the fastest way to do a search, seems quite a good choice rather then having the NO TouchFlo 3D and the semi useless Google Mobile Apps on the today screen.


TickerTape - Free Stock Quotes for Windows MobileTickerTape - Free Stock Quotes for Windows MobileTickerTape is a free Windows Mobile application that will allow you to watch stock market quotes and charts directly on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The application as you can see on the TickerTape screenshot on the right has very pleasant and clear interface which will enable your to watch stock market quotes easily on the go.

TickerTape for Windows Mobile is a perfect choice for all stock market freaks and people that watch stock quotes just for informational purposes or out of curiosity.

The TickerTape application although free comes with a lot of configurable options. You can configure almost anything: which symbols are on your list, type of charts, periods of time and more features described on the next page.

To run TickerTape on your Windows Mobile phone you will have to have Microsoft .NET CF 3.5 installed on your phone which can be downloaded on the next page. All in all this is one very interesting app worth taking a look at.


HTC Touch Diamond ROM updateAn updated ROM is now available for HTC Touch Diamond users to download on the HTC European site. The ROM update fixes few issues on the previous ROM but the update is only generic so no operator ROMs are available for the moment.

Improved Functions and Fixes
  • When you launch the Camera while the system is working on other programs, the preview screen may become black.
  • When playing a video, sometimes a portion of the video will be cut off a little bit.
  • Fixes Audio playback problem with the speaker. Specific issues: sometimes the music will turn off and on after 10 minutes, or there is a buzzing sound or no sound at all.
  • Fixes the problem of not being able to receive MMS when in standby mode.
  • When launching music via the Music tab on TouchFLO 3D, the sound may intermittently turn off for a second and come back on.
The ROM update was released on 16 January 2009 and it is available for download on the HTC support site.


Pocket Downloader - Free Windows Mobile Download ManagerPocket Downloader - Free Windows Mobile Download ManagerPocket Downloader is a free Windows Mobile download manager for your Pocket PC device. It solves some of the browsers built in flaws like no-resume and other bugs that annoy you in your everyday life. For one I usually download a lot of music on the go using publicly available wi-fi networks where the signal quality is so poor that I usually get disconnected around six or seven times before I check my mail.

The Pocket Downloader is the solution to this problem since it supports multi threaded downloads and most importantly it has a resume options so you don't have to start the download back from the beginning every time.

I have tested the Pocket Downloader on HTC Touch Diamond and I must say it is a keeper. I was able to download a whole movie 700M using the Pocket Downloader download manager.

The application is available as freeware so there is no license you will have to pay and it is available for free download from the SourceForge page.


FruitsDay - Free Windows Mobile GameFruitsDay - Free Windows Mobile GameFruitsDay is a free Windows Mobile game available for download by the developer Zielok. The game is actualy a very simple and a bit retro so it might find ground for killing time even it can become addictive. The developer describes it as a high quality arcade game for mobile devices. You have to collect all the fruits and you must avoid the opponents. 60 levels, 10 opponents and lots of fruits is waiting for you in the different worlds.

The gameplay is not something I might comment simply for the fact that I am not a fan of this kind of retro games and I don't feel like I have an authority to be a judge of the FruitsDay performance in the game plan.

On the other hand the game seems to find fans where you can least expect them, for example my father who at the moment is messaging me with his new record (I guess today he has a lot of free time).

The game is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and higher. It supports multiple resolutions so I don't thing there will be any problems with installing it to the most common Windows Mobile devices available on the market.


File Explorer Extension for Windows MobileFile Explorer Extension for Windows MobileExtending the feature list of the built in File Explorer on Windows Mobile devices has been a challenge for many, some have gone as far as creating a new file browser just for the reason they lacked some functionality. Here on your attention we present a very useful, before everything else, file explorer extension that will add a lot of new features on your device.

On the image on the right you can see one of the best features of the file explorer extension that enables you to see thumbnails of the images in your folders while browsing them. You don't have to open each image to see what it is behind those letters and numbers anymore and the image changes as soon as you select another file. I for my self being a hobby photographer carry my portfolio on my phone and I must say the file explorer extension handles the job quickly even for those big 10 megapixel images (well relatively quickly after all the HTC Diamond is not my QuadCore desktop PC) but it is a very decent performance.

This is only one of the many features of the File Explorer Extension I personally liked a lot, a summary of the other features it adds is available on the next page.


Email Scheduler for Windows MobileEmail Scheduler for Windows MobileEmail Scheduler is a simple service program for Windows Mobile Devices that will automatically change your email polling settings. This means that just like ActiveSync, you can now have a schedule for all of your email accounts to check for messages.

Setup is a snap, just install the cab, run the email scheduler settings program, set it the way you want, and save! The rest will be handled by the program.  It is actually 2 programs, one is the service that gets launched when needed, the other controls the settings. Windows Mobile can launch programs at certain times, and this takes advantage of that so there is no constantly running program (no footprint!).

A soft restart will clear this command, so the new version of Email Scheduler for Windows Mobile has also implemented "run at start-up" to reset the run at time command. 0.56beta now has a weekend setting so you now have the ability to have 2 different email schedules! Email Scheduler for Windows Mobile is a very useful application for people on the go that use their email on their mobile phone.


WeFi for Windows MobileWeFi for Windows MobileWeFi is a free Wi-Fi manager for  Windows Mobile devices. Although Windows Mobile has it's own Wi-Fi manager under the Settings menu, we found WeFi more convinient to use. The built in manager of WM even on the new devices lacks some features or they are broken into different parts of the phone software. I have been searching for such a software for a long time untill I found WeFi. I have used the application for a few days and I must say it saved me a lot of clicks. For one thing the Turn Wireless on/off function is integrated directly into this software so you don't have to open the connection manager to turn on/off your Wi-Fi.

Although WeFi is a freeware application its performance is like top premium apps available for the Windows Mobile platform. Some of the features of WeFi include:
  • Find Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Automatically connect to the best Wi-Fi location
  • Good set of settings
WeFi is available for touch screen WM devices and after a few days on the HTC Diamond I can say that this freeware application is a keeper.


Do Not Disturb for Windows MobileDo Not Disturb for Windows MobileDo Not Disturb is a free Windows Mobile application. It can automatically silence your phone before the first ring depending on the caller. Rejected callers will reach your voice mail, and you will still see their missed calls. It's perfect when you're working, relaxing, sleeping or out on a date. Download Do Not Disturb to avoid unwanted calls, yet remain accessible to the people you care about.

Do Not Disturb for Windows Mobile has lots of options to fine tune exactly who can reach you. Accept or reject calls based on contact, phone number or categories.

Do Not Disturb has simple, touch-friendly user interface to organize and activate "profiles" that reflect your mood. Rejected callers go directly to your voice mail within a split second after your phone rings. All calls still show up in your Call History.

All in all as a conclusion we can say that Do Not Disturb for Windows Mobile by Trinket Software is one hell of a cool freeware application that you will surely enjoy using. I have been having it on my HTC Touch Diamond for a few days and I absolutely  love it.


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