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Free Translator for Windows MobileFree Translator for Windows Mobile

Free Translator is a free Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone translation tool that will translate over 20 languages on your WM device. This free translator is similar to Babylon Translator and translates various languages like Italian, English, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Arabian, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Czech, Indonesian, Welsh, SerboCroat, Ainu and much more!


Birthday2Calendar for Windows MobileBirthday2Calendar This free application is a fix for something that Microsoft should have fixed long time ago. Even from my first Windows Mobile device the Mpx200 automatically adding the birthdays of your contacts onto your Calendar was a problem unless you sync with Microsoft Outlook. So what is the solution for all those of us who don't want to use MS Outlook to sync their phones, well it is simple and it is called Birthday2Calendar.

Not surprisingly the developer said that this was his first application for Windows Mobile, since there is a small code example that does exactly this included in the WM5 SDK. And the developer used this to create more user friendly application that will help a lot of us out there.

Birthday2Calendar does not create duplicates for the Calendar birthday entries you already have, it will only create entries for birthdays that aren't currently in the calendar. However, if you have a birthday alert set up, but it's not in the form of the contact's "FirstName LastName's Birthday" - it will duplicate it. Beside that Birthday2Calendar for Windows Mobile is one really useful application that will fix something that was supposed to be fixed a long time ago.


e-Natives Showcase - Finger Friendly Task Managere-Natives Showcase - Finger Friendly Task Managere-Natives Showcase is a Finger Friendly Task Manager for Windows Mobile that seems to be the only free stylus free task manager for TouchFlo 3D / Manila 2D powered mobile phones that really works.

Aside from doing what it is supposed to do, Showcase Task Manager looks really good and the interface of the application is designed in a way that reminds us to those native applications usually found on our Windows Mobile HTC devices.

We have tested so many Task Managers and from those that are free and that really interest us, e-Natives Showcase seems to be the only one we feel comfortable using only with our fingers, so while men have bulky fingers, women on the other side have nails and that makes pressing those small icons much easier on the other task managers.

e-Natives Showcase - Finger Friendly Task Manager for Windows Mobile Professional devices is developed by Ahmad Amarullah from e-Natives Technology using SmartToolkit as a development tool.


eazyMoney - Personal income/expenses managereazyMoney - Personal income/expenses managereazyMoney is a free Windows Mobile application for managing individual income and expenses on Pocket PC. eazyMoney provides you with detailed monthly, yearly and accountwise reports for your income and expenses. The features of eazyMoney for Windows Mobile include:
  • Quickly create account under income and expense heads.
  • Unlimited number of accounts in each head.
  • Unlimited number of transaction in each account.
  • Sort entries by clicking on a column header.
  • Generate monthly & yearly report.
  • Backup & Restore facility.
  • Backup is encrypted using 3DES encryption algorithm.
  • A very original and easy-to-use user interface.
So if you are looking for a good personal income/expenses manager that can run on your Pocket PC, well eazyMoney is one of the best free financial applications for Windows Mobile that can get the job done and surprisingly they are free, so you can download and install them without any charge.


SkyFire v1.0 now available for Windows MobileSkyFire v1.0 now available for Windows Mobile"(MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) May 27, 2009 – Today Skyfire, the makers of the samename PC-like browser for mobile devices, is announcing the launch of its 1.0 version now available for free download at get.skyfire.com. Over one million consumers have installed and used the Skyfire browser in just under five months, making it the fastest growing downloadable mobile browser in North America.This demonstrates the explosive consumer demand for exact-PC like full internet browsing on mobile devices." - From the official press release.
Skyfire 1.0 delivers the PC web, real fast Skyfire remains committed to providing everything the PC web has to offer in a mobile experience with blazing fast speeds. For the first time, consumers can use their phones to watch any web video and live events, stay connected with friends, share web pages instantly, and use the full-featured PC versions of their favorite websites. Skyfire is the only mobile browser to support popular web standards and plug-ins such as Flash 10, Silverlight 2, Ajax, Javascript and more, so the rich media on websites work on phones just like the PC. Known for its speed, Skyfire launches quickly and loads web pages quicker than other mobile browsers.

Skyfire users can customize the start page with RSS feeds from their favorite websites. In addition, they can integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts to import status updates and tweets, and easily publish their status to these networks. Skyfire is the only mobile browse to share and publish any web page to Facebook and Twitter networks with one click.


GPS Speedometer for Windows Mobile 6GPS Speedometer for Windows Mobile 6

GPS Speedometer for Windows Mobile 6 is a very simple GPS based application that does a very simple thing, measures the speed of your while you are currently driving. GPS Speedometer for Windows Mobile uses the built in GPS receiver in your mobile phone to calculate the speed you are moving with. Although if you have a car the speed is shown on your car's dashboard this application is a nice addon to it. And even I can not think some other uses for this free application you might.

We have tested GPS Speedometer on a few devices like the HTC Touch Diamond and the Touch HD and it worked fine although it is originally made for QVGA screens. But make sure you have .NET framework installed. The setings.exe included in the attachment is from the Microsoft SDK samples, which can be used to set the COM port of your GPS receiver if you don't have any other application.


SportyPal for Windows MobileSportyPal for Windows MobileSportyPal for Windows Mobile is an easy to use intuitive application for your mobile phone. You activate it when you start your running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or similar exercise. In two simple clicks it will start to log and map your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned. It will not affect normal operation of your Windows Mobile device, so you can still listen to music, receive and initiate calls and messages.

When you finish exercising, the collected performance information will be stored on your mobile. Later you can review it, compare it with other exercises or check your best performance achievements. SportyPal will present each exercise in a map view, draw elegant graphics charts of your performance or present summarized information. SportyPal is intuitively designed to assist you improve your performance in running, cycling, blading, walking, skiing or other workouts involving similar activities.

The real brilliance of SportyPal comes with the web integration. You have a possibility to upload your workouts on the internet with a simple click of a button on your Windows Mobile device.


Automated CAB Installer for Windows MobileAutomated CAB Installer for Windows Mobile

Install Express is an automated CAB installer for Windows Mobile that allows you to install a lot of CAB files at once without having to deal with all the trouble of going through all the installation process dialogues one by one. Install Express automates the mass CAB install process and unlike other mass automated installers available for Windows Mobile it is really simple to use. On the other hand this freeware application is packed with enough options and configurable params that make it a good choice even for those config geeks.


Stay Unlock for Windows MobileStay Unlock for Windows MobileIf for some particular reason you need to keep your phone unlocked, or you are disturbed by the automatic phone locking of your Windows Mobile device, Stay Unlock is a simple and quite useful solution for you. What the program basically does is removing the time outs set for auto locking your phone.

Stay Unlock runs in silent mode, and will never prompt. A log file is created instead if you want to inspect it. Stay Unlock will also allow override of time out value enforced by Exchange Server. This will address situation whereby users wants the device lock function but prefer a longer time out threshold value than what’s defined by their IT admin.

Stay Unlock will also default the timeout to 24 hours, when you set “Always Stay Unlock. There are technical and security reasons behind this implementation, instead of completely disabling device lock function.
However, you can still turn off device lock by going to Settings > Personal > Lock, and turn off the checkbox “Prompt if unused for”. Stay Unlock is not responsible for your action to unsecure your device!


SensorScroll for HTC Touch Diamond / ProSensorScroll is a Windows Mobile application for HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro. It uses the touch sensor control for various actions like scrolling, emulating key press and so on, while the user uses the control. It is in beta stage, please use carefully. All bug reports, fresh ideas and recommendations are welcome. Please visit the developer web site. In our few days playing with this program on our HTC Touch Diamond we liked what we have seen so far, SensorScroll works good and it really is something that is going to stay on the phone.


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