TickerTape - Free Stock Quotes for Windows Mobile

TickerTape - Free Stock Quotes for Windows MobileTickerTape is a free Windows Mobile application that will allow you to watch stock market quotes and charts directly on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The application as you can see on the TickerTape screenshot on the right has very pleasant and clear interface which will enable your to watch stock market quotes easily on the go.

TickerTape for Windows Mobile is a perfect choice for all stock market freaks and people that watch stock quotes just for informational purposes or out of curiosity.

The TickerTape application although free comes with a lot of configurable options. You can configure almost anything: which symbols are on your list, type of charts, periods of time and more features described on the next page.

To run TickerTape on your Windows Mobile phone you will have to have Microsoft .NET CF 3.5 installed on your phone which can be downloaded on the next page. All in all this is one very interesting app worth taking a look at.

TickerTape - Free Stock Quotes for Windows Mobile features:
  • Create and edit ticker lists
  • Download quotes and charts for the symbols on your lists
  • Show charts for period ranging from 1 day to 5 years
  • Show charts in line, bar, or candlestick format
  • Show chart fullscreen
  • Completely touch-friendly
  • Scroll through lists and tickers using touch screen buttons, gestures, or D-pad
  • Set the download (refresh) rate from 5 seconds to 30 minutes, or Never
  • Settings for download behavior, and chart caching
  • Integration with AppToDate for automatic updates
Download TickerTape - Free Stock Quotes for Windows Mobile here or check for updates and more info in this forum thread here! If you don't have Microsoft .NET CF 3.5 you can download it here!

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Published on 28.01.2009 in Windows Mobile Pocket PC News

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