File Explorer Extension for Windows Mobile

File Explorer Extension for Windows MobileExtending the feature list of the built in File Explorer on Windows Mobile devices has been a challenge for many, some have gone as far as creating a new file browser just for the reason they lacked some functionality. Here on your attention we present a very useful, before everything else, file explorer extension that will add a lot of new features on your device.

On the image on the right you can see one of the best features of the file explorer extension that enables you to see thumbnails of the images in your folders while browsing them. You don't have to open each image to see what it is behind those letters and numbers anymore and the image changes as soon as you select another file. I for my self being a hobby photographer carry my portfolio on my phone and I must say the file explorer extension handles the job quickly even for those big 10 megapixel images (well relatively quickly after all the HTC Diamond is not my QuadCore desktop PC) but it is a very decent performance.

This is only one of the many features of the File Explorer Extension I personally liked a lot, a summary of the other features it adds is available on the next page.

File Explorer Extension features:
  • Resizable header for easy sorting by file name, date of last modification or size
  • Tree view of folders; you can now jump easily from a location to any other on your device in one step
  • Icon view that enables the display of files as icons similar to your desktop computer
  • Real time image preview; now you don’t have to open several files in order to send the one you desire
  • Show extension option for those who ask themselves the same question I do: “What type of file is this?
  • Open with Program allows you easily select an application to open the specific file you select (useful in case you don’t have the correct file associations or when you want Album app to open your images instead of Windows default picture viewer.
  • File property context menu for easy renaming and attribute changing
  • Open all executables with Parameters in case you need a special parameter when launching an application
  • Sending shortcut to Programs for instant shortcut creation of executables placed directly in Programs folder in Start Menu.
To download the Free File Explorer Extension for Windows Mobile devices click here! For more info about the developer of the application and updates here!

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Published on 16.01.2009 in Windows Mobile Pocket PC News

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Comments on File Explorer Extension for Windows Mobile

Posted by Vasko on Friday, January 16, 2009 12:08
The File Explorer Extension is great I tried it on the HTC Touch Pro and it rocks. I have been looking for a thing like this for a long time.
Posted by King on Monday, January 19, 2009 02:33
This extension is great!!! Installed it on the Sprint Touch Diamond and it works very well. Maybe in the next release it will show the start of video clips.

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