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    Search our software database with over 27.000 freeware and shareware software titles for Windows Mobile powered devices.

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    Welcome to Pocket PC freeware and shareware

    WindowsMobileSoftware.us is one of the largest Pocket PC freeware and shareware software collection for your WM6, WM5 or Windows Mobile 2003 PocketPC device. We have a lot of cool free games, need free themes to color up your HTC TyTn, Eten Glofish, HTC Artemis, HTC Touch, HTC Mougul or HTC MTeoR? Get them, try these free themes. Also take a look at our multimedia and entertainment software, you might find something interesting.
    Searching for Bluetooth or GPS apps, we have even free GPS software.

    Further more, you can browse our software by device, so if you own a WM6, WM5, WM 2003 or even a WM 2002 powered HP iPAQ, Dell Axim, HTC Breeze, Qtek, Mio, ASUS, Benq or another PocketPC device, here is the place to start looking for your Pocket PC free software. Soon after the release of Windows Mobile 7, we will be providing WM7 freeware as well.

    If you are looking for free software for your HTC Mogul, HTC TyTN II, LG KS20, HTC Touch, O2 Xda Nova, Samsung i760, UBiQUiO 503G or other device you can find a lot of Pocket PC freeware. We update our freeware collection weekly, so don"t forget to sign up for the Pocket PC freeware mailing list and never miss a free software update.

    Thank you for visiting and we hope you"ll find out Pocket PC site useful.